'Pack the Tent 2017' surpasses last year's collection

'Pack the Tent 2017' surpasses last year's collection

LAKE CHARLES, LA - We did it! We packed the tent today with an overwhelming amount of support from the community.

"It was an awesome day, totally awesome day," said Director, Pearl Cole. "That's all I can say is, totally awesome and I can say thank you. I want to thank the Lake Charles community. we've exceeded our expectations."

Cole was all smiles as she looked over thousands of donations.

"We topped last year, I really believe we topped last year," said Cole. 

Thanks to you, the wonderful people of Lake Charles, we packed up Abraham's tent with everything they could need for the year.

Especially cleaning supplies and paper goods, which are needed the most.

Despite the nasty weather...

"I've never seen the community let a little rain stop them from what they want to do," said Cole. 

There's just one more request yet to be fulfilled. Something the volunteers today would agree are crucial, blankets.

"It's been extremely cold and we know what it's like to be cold and we have nice warm clothing, so for those who don't it's going to be a problem in the next few days," said Cole. 

Clean blankets can be dropped off at any time.

All of the food supplies that cannot be used will be packaged up and sent home with those who come to be fed.

From all of us here at KPLC, thank you to those who came out and donated.

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