New location could be coming for Mallard Cove Golf Course

New location could be coming for Mallard Cove Golf Course

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Chennault International Airport was looking to expand, but one thing stood in the way---The Mallard Cove Golf Course.

Now nearly two years later the 40-year-old golf course could be relocating.

Wednesday afternoon city and airport officials met in a private meeting to discuss a cooperative agreement that would include the new golf course being paid for by the airport, and Morganfield Development donating the land.

"It's very rare in politics where you walk away from the table and all parties are feeling good or feeling optimistic," said Mayor Nic Hunter.

But that rare occasion could be happening soon, and it all has to do with the Mallard Cove Golf Course.

The golf course currently sits on Chennault International Airport property, but the golf course and the property it sits on is currently owned by the city of Lake Charles.

Two years ago the airport received funding approval from the State Bond Commission to expand but the city-owned golf course created a problem.

"We did start negotiations to relocate Mallord Cove Golf Course," said Hunter.

Those negotiations have now led the city to enter into a cooperative agreement with the airport and Morganfield Development.

"Chennault is building the golf course up to $6.6 million, and they're paying for up to $2 million for the clubhouse and for utility extensions," said City Administrator John Cardone. "Morganfield is donating the land."

Cardone says the city will help out with utilities for the new golf course until Chennault pays them back.

The city, police jury and the airport board signed a memorandum of understanding two years ago that was designed to make sure the golf course didn't close down.

"Under that memorandum of understanding, the agreement was that Chennault would find a location suitable to the city of Lake Charles to build another golf course comparable to Mallord," said Cardone.

This cooperative agreement won't happen unless approved by city council at their next meeting, but officials feel optimistic it will pass and benefit everyone involved.

"This administration feels good about it," said Hunter. "I believe Chennault feels good about it, and we believe Morganfield feels good about it."

Officials from the airport declined to comment on the agreement and future plans until it is voted on at the next city council meeting.

That meeting will take place at City Hall Wednesday, December 6, at 5:30 p.m.

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