Three-day power issue continues in downtown Lake Charles

Three-day power issue continues in downtown Lake Charles
(Source: Entergy)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Spotty power outages have caused issues for local businesses in downtown Lake Charles this past week.

Entergy crews are working on it, but a lot of residents and business owners are left with some questions.

It's now Day 3 of a downtown-wide power outage.

These outages have even been affecting the staff here at 7News - we've had to use a backup generator to keep us up and running.

While our power is back up now, others are still dealing with the outage.

It seems like business as usual for the Charleston Bistro, but a few days ago owner-manager Jake Stutes, says the lights started flickering.

"We installed new lights here, so I thought something was wrong with our wiring, but it turned out to be a bigger problem," said Stutes.

That bigger problem is the elevators.

"People were stuck," said Stutes. "All that's cleared up, but it's mainly the upper floor tenants that are having to use the flights of stairs."

Fellow owner-manager, Luke Powell, says its only been a slight set back for the staff, but very inconvenient.

"A lot of our dishwashing and sanitizing equipment is in our upstairs kitchen, so for staff to take it up there, they have to use the stairs and lug tons of bus pans over and over again," said Powell.

Chip Arnould with Entergy says there was an equipment failure in the underground network, Monday, and now the 10-block system, from Mill Street to Kirby Street, is in contingency mode.

"It has multiple sources and redundancies to keep everyone in power," said Arnould.

Arnould says everyone should have power back by now, but the system is in overdrive, putting out higher levels to compensate.

"In contingency mode, the power stays within power quality limits, but a lot of times facilities with sensitive electronics etc. may not be set to withstand industry standard limits are," said Arnould.

He also says crews are now working to ensure there isn't another failure and anticipate expansion in the future.

Also, Entergy is working with developers to potentially rebuild some of the system to keep up with all of the new development coming to the area, according to Arnould.

He says everything should be wrapped up and back to normal by now. If not, those businesses should call Entergy.

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