Avoiding germs this Thanksgiving

Avoiding germs this Thanksgiving

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Turkey... Family... Football... and germs?

Not exactly the first thing to come to mind the day before Thanksgiving.

Everyone is preparing to share their homes and kitchens with the ones they love most, but in such close quarters, that may not be all we're sharing.

The best way to transmit things at a family gathering," said Dr. Robert Anderson, owner and director of Calcasieu Urgent Care.

He says he's been seeing mostly viruses going around right now.

"Upper respiratory infections, there's some strep as well, and now we're starting to see a sprinkling of the flu," said Anderson.

That's enough to make you lose your appetite. Well… maybe not…

All of these illnesses can be transmitted by what Dr. Anderson calls water droplets.

"Sneezing, you can get it on your hands, people touch their nose, their eyes, their mouth, giving hugs to family members, shaking hands with people you haven't seen in a while," said Anderson.

Although, he still says you should do in the spirit of the holidays, just be careful!

Before you pass the stuffing, here's a few tips to make sure that's all you're passing down the table.

Bring along some hand sanitizer and make sure you wash your hands frequently, especially if you're the one carving the turkey.

Don't share your silverware or drinks.

And here's one you may not have thought of. Try to get outside, even though it may be a little chilly. If not, use a humidifier.

"A lot of us down here are cranking the heaters up and that dries the air up inside the house, dries all your mucus membranes up, which makes it easier to get infections," said Anderson.

It's a time to give thanks, not germs. So, here's a few recommendations from the Center for Disease Control:

  • Click HERE for sickness tips.
  • Click HERE for tips on how to prevent food borne illness.

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