Barbe High running back recovers from devastating injury

Barbe High running back recovers from devastating injury

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Dana Fontenot was a bright kid with a big future, fighting for the starting running back position on the Barbe football team.

"Going to speed training trying to work on my speed, I was getting faster, bigger, stronger, faster, I put on 15 pounds of muscle, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life," Fontenot said.

He had just found out he snagged a spot on the starting roster when he was performing a stop and go during practice.

"I tried to stop, both of my knees gave out and I didn't hear it, but I felt a huge pop on both my knees and I felt my left side, and all I could remember was calling someone call 911."

For Lake Charles Memorial Hospital's Brett Cascio, this was new.

"As strange as it sounds," Cascio said. "I've never seen it before and I called the doctors I knew around the country that I train with, and none of them had ever seen it before, and he pulled both his growth plates and fractured his growth plates on both of his knees."

The surgery was only half the battle.

"Just realizing that I might be pretty much crippled for almost a whole year just had to find ways to look forward to better days," Fontenot said.

The Fontenot's were told their son would be lucky to walk to the table for Christmas-four months after the surgery.

But the athlete had bigger plans.

"He said, 'Dad trust me I'm going to jog down and I run back' I said Dana, I'm not taking you to the hospital again so I said all right man, I'll video it and it brought tears to my eyes because I couldn't believe it," Fontenot's Dad recalled.

Fontenot, now a senior at Barbe, is a force to be reckoned with on Friday nights.

"I've gotten better, I felt like I'm just as fast as I was in bigger, more mature, I feel like I'm taking more things, I'm not taking anything for granted, every game is kinda like my first and last high school varsity so this is pretty bittersweet."

Barbe is now in the playoffs with Fontenot on the starting roster.

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