Checking your property tax bill for accuracy

Checking your property tax bill for accuracy

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The homestead exemption means homeowners don't pay parish property taxes on the first $75,000 of the value of their residence.

A local man complains only half the exemption was applied to his bill. But Calcasieu Assessor Wendy Aguillard says it was a clerical error that happened when he added his wife as an owner of his home.

"We've already corrected that office mistake and she and he will now have full homestead for $7500 together."

To tell if you're getting the full exemption look at your bill:

"On their tax notice, there's a section that talks about the exemption.  Up at the top, you'll see the total value, along with the exemption that's applied," said Aguillard.

Donna Rubin is the manager of the Sheriff and Tax collector's Office.  She says the man's overpayment will be refunded to him.

 "We're going to process his payment.  When the change order's approved by the tax commission, we'll refund the money back to him," she said.

So, the assessor's office determines the value of a property while the tax collector calculates what's due and sends out the bills.

The bill also lists the tax rate governmental bodies collect.

"If you take the millage rate, multiply it by your taxable value, you will come to the total tax that is paid.  It's calculated by the computer," said Rubin,

So how likely is it there could be an error in the calculation?"

"Not likely.  We go back and we re-verify the actual millage rates," she said.

Though the two offices have different roles both say they are there to answer consumers questions or concerns.  Both offices are in the first floor of the Calcasieu Parish Magnolia Building

You can also pay your property taxes online.  As the bill states, taxes become delinquent after December 31 and incur an interest charge of 1% per month and will be subject to additional cost. Ultimately, you can lose your home if you neglect to pay your taxes.

For more information call the Sheriff and Tax Collector's office at 337-491-3680 or the Calcasieu Parish Assessor for questions dealing with valuation and homestead exemption.  That number is 337-721-3000.

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