BBB warns of phone scam with local numbers

BBB warns of phone scam with local numbers

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's becoming a more than common occurrence for many in Southwest Louisiana: receiving a number of phone calls each day from unknown local numbers.

"If you don't recognize a number and don't know who it is, you shouldn't answer it," said Carmen Million, president of Southwest Louisiana's Better Business Bureau.

Someone, with what appears to be a local number, calls your phone. The caller on the other end, however, couldn't be farther away.

"These scammers are really sophisticated," said Million. "They're really intelligent."

Million also said many of these calls, despite having local area codes, are being made in India and Jamaica.

"What these guys are doing is spoofing your phone number," Million said. "They're putting a local number in its place, which makes you think it could be a local number."

If you answer the call and the voice on the other end is asking for action right now - hang up.

"They're working with your emotions," said Million. "Don't make a decision immediately."

A number of phone apps are available to protect you and your information from obnoxious, fake phone calls. For example, Hiya, an app which sifts through real and fake incoming calls, is free in the app store.

Million has one final piece of advice.

"Don't assume that it's a local number just because it looks like a local number."

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