Veteran upset about tattered US flag at Lake Charles post office

Veteran upset about tattered US flag at Lake Charles post office

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A local veteran is looking for answers after seeing an unserviceable American flag flying in front of the post office on Main Street in Lake Charles yesterday.

Douglas Ducote, a retired Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army, said he could tell the flag has been in bad condition for months.

"It's a disgrace," said Ducote. "It's a disgrace to our flag, to our country, to our men and women who have served under this flag."

Ducote said he takes this personally as a veteran.

"To some people this flag is nothing but a piece of cloth," said Ducote. "But for those of us who are veterans, it means something totally different."

When he noticed the flag flying in front of the post office on Main street was tattered, he took matters into his own hands.

He said he asked a postal worker if she could replace the flag, but was told it was something he would have to take up with the postmaster general at the post office on Moss Street in Downtown Lake Charles.

"She went on to tell me every time they sent a text or email with pictures of the flag and the conditions he never responded," Ducote said. "So I went over there and asked to speak to him and he wasn't there. The second-in-command came out and said the flag had already been sent two weeks ago to this location and I was told the flag was never sent here."

Not even 24 hours after his visit, a new flag was up, making Ducote question what would've happened had he never complained.

"The fact they made change, that's great," said Ducote. "But it shouldn't have come to this."

KPLC reached out to the location on Moss Street and they referred us to the corporate office, who responded in a statement which reads:

The United States Flag Code stipulates that as the symbol of a living country, the flag is considered in itself a living thing and should be properly displayed and be in good condition. We take great pride in flying the American flag in front of our facilities, and on designated days, the U.S. flag at the Lake Charles Eastside Finance Unit has been replaced to reflect our pride. For more than two centuries, the Postal Service has been one of America’s largest employers of veterans. Today, veterans represent 18 percent of our workforce, and throughout our organization, perform roles critical to the future of the Postal Service.

Here's a guide to properly folding an American flag from the VA:

And here's a guide to displaying an American flag from

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