As Waitr expands, small restaurants see revenue boost

As Waitr expands, small restaurants see revenue boost

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As Waitr continues to expand across state lines, smaller, less known restaurants in the Lake area are reaping the benefits. On Thursday, 7 News spoke with a number of small business owners to discuss how Waitr has helped their restaurants expand.

"Once we got started with Waitr, our business blew up," said Paige Vidrine, a manager at Buffi's Peauxboys.

Vidrine said Waitr accounts for about 20 percent of the restaurant's profits.

"That's 20 percent you wouldn't have without Waitr," said Vidrine.

Located amidst a smaller strip mall off Gerstner Memorial Boulevard, Buffi's location isn't ideal. The rise of Waitr has fixed that issue.

"People don't see the storefront," said Vidrine. "Waitr really provided that advertising space."

Across town, off Nelson Road, is Dave's. Dave's owner, David Phillips, was skeptical about joining the delivery service app in its early years.

"I didn't know how many people were going to be interested in a $3 burger getting delivered to their home," said Phillips. "We joined up and the response was overwhelming."

Nelson Road is packed with a myriad of fast food restaurants. Phillips said Waitr has brought business to his restaurant despite the competition.

"On average I'm doing about 15 to 25 Waitr orders a day," said Phillips

Business owners said Waitr will soon be taking 15 percent from each sale made. Phillips said for restaurants still growing and on Waitr, it could be tough to make ends meet.

"15 percent gets pretty steep," said Phillips. "If you're wanting to sell yourself as a partner and wanting to grow, that [15 percent] takes a lot of the growth."

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