Sports Person of the Week - Brevan Ned

Sports Person of the Week - Brevan Ned

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - In the opening round of the LHSAA playoffs, the Westlake Rams secured the first signature win of the Phil Fontenot era. No. 30 Westlake handed the upset to No. 3 Jena.

"To be honest, I feel like no high school team wants it more than us," said senior fullback Brevan Ned. "People look at us as if we were not even supposed to be in the playoffs and for us to win a first round game, it just made us more hungry."

Ned has been a catalyst all season long for Westlake. Against the Giants, he totaled over 130 yards and scored four touchdowns. But his most impactful play came as a passer, not a runner.

The Rams dialed up a trick play, a running back pass and Ned connected with Julian Mejias for the touchdown.

"We always try to throw some deceptive game in there every once in a while, just to keep people honest," said head coach Phil Fontenot. "It happened to be the right call at the right time for us."

"I had a feeling it was going to be open, so the only thing that was going through my head was, if I throw it, Julian, you better catch it," joked Ned. "After I threw it, I just looked at it in the air like, please catch it, please catch it. I saw him catch it and thought thank you man. Thank you."

It was a fitting way for Ned to make a play in what could have been his final game.

"[Ned] always picks and says he was born a quarterback in a running back's body," Fontenot said.

"I wanted to be a quarterback when I was younger," Ned admitted, "so I've got a little bit of experience at quarterback."

Ned's ability now has Westlake in the second round, hosting a playoff game for the first time since 2013.

"I'm just happy to play another game. It's the same mentality every Friday from here on out. Going in, we have to look at every game like it's our last as seniors," Ned said. "We are a whole new team, with a whole new mindset and I feel like we can achieve anything as long as we put our minds to it."

The Rams will host No. 14 Northwest on Friday with nothing to lose.

"We are playing with house money now. We aren't supposed to be here," Fontenot admitted. "Once you understand that and you come out and have a good time and play football and you lay it out on the field, it is what it is. If we have a chance to play during the Thanksgiving break, it would be wonderful. "

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