Calcasieu Parish education grade drops

Calcasieu Parish education grade drops

LOUISIANA (KPLC) - The Louisiana Department of Education released their yearly school and district performance scores today.

Statewide Louisiana has grown, rising from a C to a B, But Calcasieu Parish has dropped.

"We went down to an 84.8 which is two-tenths of a point shy of a B," said superintendent Karl Bruchhaus.

Meaning the school district received a C this year which Bruchhaus isn't happy about.

"We're certainly disappointed about that," he said. "We know we have work to do."

While most of Calcasieu Parish's  high schools have A's or B's, A large portion of the elementary and middle schools have a grade of a B or below, but Bruchhaus says their grade comes solely from one thing, he L.E.A.P test.

"The new tests have changed dramatically from what the old test looked like because it's based on new standards," he said. "It's based on new things children are expected to know."

The letter grade distribution for Calcasieu Parish looks like this: 
13 schools received an A, 
15 received a B, 
13 received a C,
12 received a D, 
And four received an F.

But not all the news is bad.

Bruchhaus says out of the 57 schools 22 showed growth in their performance scores, and five were recognized as a top gains schools. Those schools were R.W. Vincent Elementary, Bell City High School, Moss Bluff Middle, T.S. Cooley Elementary and Westlake High School.

T.S. Cooley Elementary was also ranked the highest performing elementary school in the state of Louisiana.

With a drop in their grade and the recent news of Louisiana changing their rating system, Bruchhaus knows next year will be a tough one for his employees and students.

"As rigor increases which rigor is going to have to increase, homework is going to get harder," he said. "Tests are going to get harder locally in order to prepare our children for the state test that they need to take."

With some big challenges and changes coming for schools, Bruchhaus knows improvement is something that has to be made.

"Sometimes struggles make people better and so that's the direction we need to go," he said. "We need to make improvements here in Calcasieu Parish."

A large portion of Calcasieu Parish Schools with a C or below are elementary schools.

Superintendent Karl Bruchhaus said that high school ratings are usually higher because they state looks at more components than they do with elementary and middle schools.

"High schools have four components," Bruchhaus said. "They have the ACTs, they have the end-of-course exams and then they have two graduation related statistical items so they have four pieces of the pie, whereas our elementary and middle schools really only have that one spring test and when you don't do well on the spring test, your letter grade reflects that."

The Department of Education has also released a new website called the Louisiana School Finder that will allow parents to compare schools throughout the state.

Bruchhaus does believe that could be a concern because it could create overpopulation in some of the better schools in Calcasieu Parish.

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2017 District Performances

  • Allen Parish
    • 2017 - A
    • 2016 - B
  • Beauregard
    • 2017 - B
    • 2016 - B
  • Calcasieu
    • 2017 - C
    • 2016 - B
  • Cameron
    • 2017 - A
    • 2016 - A
  • Jeff Davis
    • 2017- A
    • 2016- B
  • Vernon
    • 2017 - A
    • 2016 - A

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