McNeese prepares for Southeastern

McNeese prepares for Southeastern

The Pokes grabbed their second loss of the season this past Saturday on the road against central Arkansas, 47 to 17. Although that game was a struggle, the Pokes don't have time to hang their heads.

"You don't have time to stick out your lip and pout, you got to go on," Lance Guidry said. "We have a game this week. It's a big game. We have two losses on the year, right now we sit at 6-2 and we have a chance to get to 9-2, but you have to get to 7-2 first."

The Cowboys have the number one rushing defense in the Southland and this week they will be challenged, taking on the number one rushing offense. Southeastern has been averaging over 300 rushing yards per game, almost a hundred more than everyone else in the conference.

"Yeah, it's three against one. They are the third rushing offense in the nation and we're number one against the run. But, something is going to come to a head," Guidry added. "Of course, we haven't faced an offense like this, which is triple option type. Our kids will have to be locked in. then you have the play option passes that come off it. We have a plan, the kids will have to go out and execute it."

The last time these two teams met, it didn't end well for the Cowboys. A hail Mary ending snapped a two-game winning streak for McNeese and brought the Pokes back down to a .500 record. This year, the Pokes plan to be on the other side.

"Little chip on your shoulder, but it's the past," James Tabary said. "We're not the same team they're not the same team. We shall see on Saturday."

"This is the next game. We're coming off a loss that we feel we didn't play good. We need to play well. It's going to be different, but we did give up one at the end of the year, probably one we should've got," Guidry said. "Hopefully if we get to that situation again we come out on top. It was a tough one and a hard pill to swallow, but hopefully we've learned from that and we going to get the win this week."

The Pokes look to grab their seventh win of the season.

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