This week I went live on Facebook to answer viewer questions and take your comments.

There was a lot of engagement, a lot of interaction. Some of the questions and comments were from people who were not very happy with KPLC for one reason or another. Thank you for being there and sharing your opinions and questions.

Some of the comments were very positive, and thank you for those even more. It was a bit of a risk putting myself out there in that way, some people thought I might be crazy for doing it.

And I very well might have been! But as we said, KPLC only exists because of our viewers and advertisers, without you we don't have a business. So what you think does matter. It always has and always will.

Because it was live and "off-the-cuff," I may not have expressed everything as clearly as you deserve. Hopefully what I got across is simply this, KPLC is here to serve you.

We provide information and entertainment in the best way that we can, on as many platforms as we can. We are an affiliate of the NBC network and do air their programs, but we don't control anything about the way they conduct business.

For KPLC, we will always present information that is factual to the best of our ability to determine. If we ever make a factual error, both News Director Jenelle Shriner and I want to know about it so we can correct it and prevent that from happening again.

Nothing about what we do is fake, and if or when you think it is, I need you to tell me about it.

Without you, we do not exist. And if I missed your question during the live event, stay tuned and we will likely plan another one in the future.

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