Consider This: Let's Talk

Consider This: Let's Talk

Can we talk? I see a lot of comments and questions on social media about KPLC, and frequently get questions when I see people out and about.

So what's on your mind? Would you like to ask me about whether I'm conservative or liberal? Whether I want the station to have a bias? Do I have an agenda against President Trump? Would you like to ask me about "Fake News?" Whether I am religious, what I think about the NFL and the National Anthem controversy, do I support gun control? Or maybe you wonder if KPLC owns KVHP now. Maybe I've done an editorial that you want to question.

Well here's your chance. Tuesday at 1 p.m. I'll go live on KPLC's Facebook page to answer your questions or respond to your comments. If it's on your mind, I'm willing to tackle it. And let's face it, you might not like my answers, but I'll tell you the truth. I'm hoping that you'll still choose to be a KPLC viewer afterward because I know that all of our viewers won't agree with me no matter what position I take. But I've tried to always respect those differences. I'm also going to respect other people's privacy, the law, and anything I'm prohibited to disclose. If you ask me something I'm not allowed to reveal, I'll just tell you that.

So if you'd like to talk, join me on Facebook live Tuesday at 1 p.m. It could be, well… interesting!

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