Sports Person of the Week - Adison Giambrone

Sports Person of the Week - Adison Giambrone

The McNeese volleyball team has been on a roll this season. The Pokes have stayed in the title hunt for a Southland conference title. Setter

Adison Giambrone is a big part of the team's success.

"Me and my teammates have been rocking it out at practice every day," Adison Giambrone said. "It's just an awesome feeling to be winning and doing this good. We changed our offense over the spring and it's just really been working out for us."

Giambrone has made the most of her fiirst year setting. She's played in 94 sets this season, and has posted 472 assists and 185 digs. She also passed the 1,000 career digs mark this year.

"She has been a defensive player and played across the back row for us for three years," Ashleigh Fitzgerald said. "We just kind of experimented a little bit in the spring. She did it. She's doing great and in the regular rotation. She hasn't set since the 9th grade, but she's got great hands and plays great defense. With the system were running, she's doing a great job."

The senior setter is a leader on this team. She considers herself to be understanding and composed.

"I like to think of myself as the calm one on the court. So, when everyone gets really excited, I'm like okay, next point, here we go," Giambrone added. "I'm always just the calm person who's encouraging people."

But as many players find out, your coach knows you best.

"She's a feisty person," Fitzgerald stated. "I would say her leadership and role modeling is definitely a reason that were having a pretty good year so far."

"Since I've been here, this is probably the best chemistry we've ever had," Giambrone said. "It's awesome, we just work really well together. It's the best family I could ever have."

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