CONSIDER THIS: Time to vote

CONSIDER THIS: Time to vote

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's time to vote, Louisiana! Did you know there's an election this Saturday?

If you are a registered voter in Louisiana, you have something on the ballot in your precinct. Statewide, we are electing a state treasurer to replace John Kennedy, who become a U.S. senator for Louisiana.

There are six candidates on the ballot, so we might end up with a runoff, but your chance to decide who is elected or who makes it to the runoff is this Saturday.

There are also three state constitutional amendments, and a variety of races depending on your parish and your voting precinct.

You can find more information on the election, plus links to sample ballots for your area on

We've discussed before that KPLC has no agenda for, or against, any candidate, for any office. We won't try to tell you who you should vote for, but we do think it's important to vote.

If you happen to think it's important to stand for our flag and the pledge of allegiance, one of the freedoms that you are celebrating is the freedom, the right, and the privilege to choose your elected officials.

Personally, I do stand for the flag, and I vote. I hope you'll join me in voting this Saturday, no matter how you plan on voting.

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