Vinyl record collectors on the rise

Vinyl record collectors on the rise

The sale of vinyl records has hit a 25-year high, since its hey day in the 1980s. Both new and used record sales have increased over 100-percent in the past year.
    I visited a vinyl record swap and sell meet in Lake Charles to see what's behind this increase in record interest.These collectors from all over Southwest Louisiana  are looking for jewels. They represent a growing number of music lovers who are dropping digital downloads and CD and going back to record albums.

"I think people started missing the warmth of vinyl and also just the whole tactile and cool liner notes you get with an album," said Rod Begnaud, who has been in the radio industry for 34 years and is a collector. "Vinyl has definitely come back. Right now vinyl is outselling CDs."

Travis Gauthier organizes "Acadiana Vinyl Haul" which gets together several times a year to buy, swap and trade used vinyl.

"We have collectors and we have a lot of new people. We even have a lot of young kids getting in. It's kind of fun. You'll see young kids come with their dad. Dad's rebuilding his collection. The kids are kind of getting into it now. They get to discover all kinds of music."

Chad Cary brought his daughter Anna to the haul. He's teaching her what it was like to listen to music when he was her age.

"I really like the art on the albums," said Cary. "The art is great. It's neat to sit there and drop the needle on that vinyl and listen to the music coming out of it."

"I think the younger crowd is into it," said Travis. "Like I said it's a tangible format. They can hold it in their hands and look at the artwork. There's a connection to the music that doesn't happen with just a file."

The Acadiana Vinyl Haul plans to hold future swap meets and has its own Facebook page. Vinyl Albums aren't the only things making a comeback. There are even some reports that cassette tapes are regaining interest among collectors.

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