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Red-hot Cowboys head into much deserved bye week

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The cowboys grabbed their fifth straight win on the road this past Saturday against ACU, making them 5 and 1 heading into their bye week.

“Being 5-1 takes a lot of stress off you, it makes you comfortable and it also helps you gain a lot of confidence and gets the ball rolling,” James Tabary said. “Everyone can see the success and we just keep raising the level of our success higher and higher each week.”

“We could be 6-0, but we could also be 3-3. It depends how you look at it,” Coach Guidry said. “I think the Nicholls loss we learned a lot from it as coaches and players. We’ve moved forward and I think we found ways to win since the game. At Nicholls we didn’t find a way to win we found a way to lose I thought. Since that time, we’ve been finding ways to win.”

DWA is a big reason the Cowboys have been so successful. Week after week the Pokes have proved why they've remained the top defense in the Southland. In its past three games, McNeese has given up an average of 150 total yards.

“Coach Guidry always says it’s not up to the offense or special teams to win the game, it’s on our backs to win the game,” Jammerio Gross-Whitaker said. “That’s the mentality we’ll have all the way through the season.”

“This defense right now reminds me of 2015,” Guidry added. “They are really focused on the task at hand and the way they are playing and running to the football is relentless.”

This week the Pokes’ plan to take a step back and focus on correcting their mistakes, but most importantly getting the guys who are hurt, healthy.  

“Rest up guys that need to be rested and they won’t get any snaps,” Guidry stated. “The guys that are healthy were going to try and get better this week. We’re not going to grind them by any means. We’ll try and get their feet back underneath them. Just trying to get them back healthy, that’s the main thing.”

McNeese will take this weekend off and will return with all their focus on the Cardinals of Incarnate Word.

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