Two killed in crash on Hwy 27; Police juror wants signal light

Two killed in crash on Hwy 27; Police juror wants signal light

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - A man and woman from Texas are dead following an early morning crash in Carlyss.

Even though police say the crash was caused by driver error, a local police juror is looking for ways to make the intersection safer.

State Police say a black Chevy Cobalt was traveling east on Highway 108 when it ran a stop sign at Highway 27 and was broadsided by a southbound truck.

Cobalt driver, 39-year-old Jason Creel, and 39-year-old Wimberly Roddey both died. They were from Texas and police say they were not wearing seat belts.

"The driver of the Chevrolet sedan ignored the stop sign and then drove into the path of the Toyota Tundra. The Toyota Tundra was going south. The driver really had no time to react," said Anderson.

Anderson says the driver of the southbound truck was restrained and had only minor injuries. He says State Police recognize heavier traffic in the area.

"In light of the fact that actually we had eight fatalities on Highway 27 in Calcasieu last year, we've stepped up our patrols on Highway 27 as a result," he said.

Police Juror Judd Bares, who represents the area, hopes to get a signal light there to slow traffic.

"Right now, people who are trying to cross at that intersection, people who are trying to get out of their driveways on that stretch, sometimes they're taking their lives into their own hands getting onto that road," said Bares.

Bares believes long stretches of highway without a signal light contribute to speeding.

"That stretch of road, because of the distance between signalization, we're depending on people to obey the law and we know that that doesn't always happen; and the speed limits are such that it's kind of like the Autobahn. After Dave Dugas Road it's just hammer down all the way to the parish line," he said.

Bares says he has asked the State Department of Transportation and Development to consider putting a traffic light at Highway 27 and 108 (it's 1133 east of 27). He hopes that if a light can be installed, the area will be safer.

Troop D has investigated 20 fatal crashes resulting in 28 deaths this year. Four of those fatalities were along Highway 27.

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