Westlake couple honored by Kiwanis for community service

Westlake couple honored by Kiwanis for community service

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Mention the names Skeeter and Mimi Hayes in Westlake, and you'll hear words like public service, volunteerism and giving.

"It's satisfying to see people smile and people really enjoy something," said Skeeter. "We have so many people who are in desperate need at this time."

"Coming from the backgrounds that Skeet and I came from, we've seen the other side of what it's like to be without," said Mimi. "That child or that young adult that doors of opportunity didn't immediately open. That you really had to work at. "

Skeeter served in the Army and Reserves during the Vietnam and Cold War era.

"Nowadays I think all young men should have their time in the service because they taught me discipline and respect for other people. The discipline is the best that it taught in my life."

The Hayes are heavily involved in the Kiwanis Club and help with various projects including the flag display on Sampson Street on national holidays.

"So we felt that we could bring something to the community, to those individuals, to come our way that were maybe a little less fortunate than the kids next door.

Mimi and Skeeter Hayes have been married almost 55 years and plan to continue giving to the community. The Hayes' are members of the West Cal Kiwanis Club in Westlake.

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