Residents of Moss Bluff complain of garbage piling up

Residents of Moss Bluff complain of garbage piling up

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - Most people don't think much about their garbage pickup unless, suddenly, it's no longer picked up.

Over the last few weeks, some residents of Moss Bluff have complained that garbage has been piling up after a new company bought out the previous one.

Many have expressed their frustration on the neighborhood Facebook page, Citizens of Moss Bluff Be Informed.

Kevin White is the police juror for Calcasieu District 1.  He says he's received calls from many constituents.

"I've fielded numerous phone calls from that and reached out to the new trash company as well, spoken with them there and also had some of the staff members call as well. From what we found out from the trash company, when they bought out Progressive, they didn't realize the shape of the trucks is what we were told ," said White.

White says the new company, which parish officials say is Republic Services, seems to be getting caught up. White says he's working to make sure in the future, there aren't so many problems when a company changes hands.

"I will did into it and see what kind of safe guards so that we can eliminate this from happening in the future with other trash companies coming in. But they are obligated to assume responsibility of the previous company," he said.

Companies that pick up garbage in the Moss Bluff area must get approval from the Calcasieu police jury and agree to provide certain basic services.

Residents say they received a letter saying that Republic had bought out Progressive.

We have attempted to reach someone at Republic Services but have not yet heard back. The company's phone number is 337-562-3817.

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