Former LC radio personality in Las Vegas gives first-hand account of mass shooting

Former LC radio personality in Las Vegas gives first-hand account of mass shooting

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tony Royster, a Lake Charles man was in Las Vegas working on a film project when the mass shooting occurred Sunday.

He says he and some colleagues were walking near the concert when the mass shooting took place.

"It sounded like firecrackers at first but then being a military veteran, you knew that it was rounds, it was rapid, rapid like a machine gun, you know," said Royster.

Then came the chaos and panic of people trying to escape and not knowing where the shots were coming from.

"You had so many people trying to help but at the same time, didn't know what was going on, where the shots were coming from, just people pointing up towards the Mandalay," said Royster.

Then came what he calls a shelter in place, visitors returning to their rooms. He says he's noticed increased security at his hotel garage and room.

"When you come back in they make you pop the trunk, you got to look in the car and search the car, and then we get to the room and normally when you don't want any room service, the maid, you just put your thing on the door, your do not disturb thing on the door, but ironically yesterday as well as this morning, if you tell someone you don't want any service they still want to come in and see that, okay, everything is all right?" said Royster.

Though Royster is fine physically, he admits such an experience changes a person.

"You think now, no matter where you go, especially with these tall buildings, these tall casinos here and glass windows, you don't know what to expect.  Automatically, you gonna look up," said Royster.

He says he will now continuously be more aware of his surroundings and he sees life as even more precious now.

"Don't take life for granted, don't take family for granted.  It could happen anywhere," said Royster.

Royster says they are postponing the Las Vegas part of their project, and are heading to Las Angeles now.

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