Student's decision to study kept her from attending Las Vegas concert

Student's decision to study kept her from attending Las Vegas concert

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The tragedy in Las Vegas is still unfolding as the injured fight for their lives and law enforcement investigates. Some of our staff have friends in that area, one of whom planned to be at the concert, but for a last-minute change.

One of KPLC reporter Kaitlin Rust's best friends is Danielle Lacey, who works in a business inside Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

She and her boyfriend had attended the festival, but decided not to go back Sunday night because she had to study.

"The festival was a three-day day festival, so we actually went prior on Saturday evening, and we were going to go yesterday," she said. "Last night, however, we decided last minute to not go, last minute. And thank God we didn't."

Lacey says the business where she works is closed today.

"They won't let people in and out of the hotel," she said. "I had friends that were working last night. Everybody had to flee the scene. They had to leave everything open, they weren't able to shut the store down, just had to evacuate right away, so, it's just pure chaos on the strip right now."

Some of Lacey's friends were at the concert but are accounted for.

"I had a few people that were at the concert," Lacey said. "I don't know anybody that was in the crowd at the moment it was shot but I do know one of my friends left about ten minutes prior and was walking on Las Vegas Boulevard and had to flee the area as well. One of her friends she was with did get shot, however, I believe she is ok."

For Lacey, it's horrifying when such violence is so close.

"It's terrifying. Especially the fact that I was in Boston when the whole Boston Marathon happened goes to show, you just never know," she said. "I mean, things can happen anywhere."

Lacey's friends and family immediately began trying to reach her once the Las Vegas massacre happened, but luckily she was safe at home.

Lacey says she's seen huge lines of people in Las Vegas, volunteering to give blood.

A spokesman for LifeShare's corporate office says blood donation is one way you can show your support for those in need locally and across the nation.

Lisa Martinez says thanks to blood donors that gave before the tragedy, LifeShare was able to help today by sending donated blood to a network that covers Las Vegas and Puerto Rico as well as other parts of the country.

Martinez says, regardless of what city or person your blood goes to, it is a way to help one another during a time of tragedy.

In the Lake area, people can donate at 214 Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive in Lake Charles from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays or until noon on Saturday.

Go to for more information or to find a mobile blood drive.

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