UPDATE: Coastal Staffing workers seek legal advice

UPDATE: Coastal Staffing workers seek legal advice

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "I want my money!" hollered one man from the crowd that gathered in front of Coastal Staffing's Sulphur office.

That was Friday September 15th, when hundreds of workers descended on the business, demanding payment for hurricane relief work done in Texas. One was Meagan Williams.

"I have a one year old daughter at home that has to eat, that's why I came here.  I came here to make money and they don't want to pay me the money I worked for.  I have bills, rent, lights, gas, water.  I have a child to provide for! I have day care expenses,"she said then.

A spokesman for Coastal says most workers have been paid, yet Williams says she has still not received one red cent and has had to pull her child out of day care.

Coastal said they were working to verify paperwork and documentation in order to process payroll as quickly as possible. Still the complaints continue.

Lake Charles Attorney James Sudduth has been meeting with workers who want his help.

"From what we've heard preliminarily, the numbers are anywhere from 500 to 800, potentially a massive class action of people that Coastal Staffing hired or had hired to do this Hurricane Harvey relief.  We currently have dozens that we're representing but we have in the next two week fifty or so more consults scheduled,"he said.

Sudduth says they will first use a demand letter to try to get people's money and that lawsuits would be filed only if needed.

"They've all come to me saying, 'I just want what I'm due.  I just want what we signed up for.' And so when that's the premise they're coming from you feel much more enthusiastic about representing them because you know they're not looking for some windfall from this."

Sudduth says it's the employers obligation to keep time sheets and accurate records.

Still a Coastal spokesman says employees need to continue to report to and work with the company if they have not been paid or not paid in full. The spokesman says they want to make sure everyone is paid in full.

Coastal Staffing Services is asking for the public's patience as the company works hard to resolve these payroll issues as quickly as possible. The 24-hour phone line is 337-882-1388 or email jobs@teamcss.net.

Coastal Staffing Services is currently working out of its satellite office, but plans are to return to working in their main office on Maplewood Drive in Sulphur once these issues have been resolved, said a spokesman.

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