Sports Person of the Week - Miliak Hayward

Sports Person of the Week - Miliak Hayward

The Oakdale Warriors were facing a pivotal moment in their season. Sitting at 0-2, Oakdale needed a win. Allen Parish rival, the Oberlin Tigers were next on the schedule.

"Going into the game I was feeling kind of good," Hayward said. "My coaches were telling me that it was going to be a good game and we just had to come out strong and play hard."

And that's just what the Warriors led by senior running back Miliak Hayward did. Oakdale and Oberlin traded blows for three quarters before Hayward scored twice in the fourth to lead the Warriors to the win.

"The main thing that was going through my mind was that I need to put the team on my back," Hayward added. "It felt kind of good playing against them because they were doing a lot of talking when they stopped us."

"We will be in the jamboree and we played bad, so we knew we had something to prove and going into that game, I think we prove some of it," Randall Gordon said.

Hayward was the driving force behind the Warriors' ability to close out the game. He rushed for 258 yards in the contest, one that he calls his best offensive game ever.

"I knew that we needed to score to keep the intensity in the game and us with the momentum," Hayward said. "We found out the things that we need to work on and we know that the season is not going to be easy with the teams that we have, so we have to work hard."

"When we put in the league and you could see boy it is coming, boy is coming. He put it all together on Friday night," Gordon stated. "As a coach, that's a proud moment to see those kinds of things because you know it's coming and then it finally comes."

Now that Hayward has proven himself, the coaching staff has issued a challenge.

"Now, he did it once, we expect for him to do it every week. That's an added pressure on him is that now he has to do it every week," Gordon said.

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