NYFD volunteers help in Harvey flooding cleanup

NYFD volunteers help with Harvey flooding cleanup

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The recovery process continues for residents flooded out by Hurricane Harvey in southwest louisiana and southeast Texas.  Helping out those residents are members of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

"Stephen was a firefighter, one of the 343 who died on 9/11," said Tom O'Connor, retired New York City firefighter. "We started up a charity and their motto is "let us do good." That's what we're trying to do. Help people out that are in need."

The retired firefighters quickly went to work in VIdor, Sour Lake and Orange, Texas neighborhoods.

"A poor EMS worker who lost her home while in the line of duty," said O'Connor. "She didn't have anyone to help her with her house. So we went over there with a bunch of other volunteers. 9 guys in my crew. Maybe another 12 volunteers. We took care of her house over there."

They were housed here in southwest Louisiana, thanks to efforts by those like former Lake Charles resident Pepi Tiller.

"Immediately, feelers went out," said Tiller. "People I didn't know were offering homes. The chamber, the tourist bureau offered motels. It's just been an outpour."

"It's overwhelming," said O'Connor. "We've been on the other side of that. We understand that. It's understanding, but we're here to help. That's what we do and really that's what it's supposed to be like."

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