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Sports Person of the Week - Dustin Jackson

(Source: Taylor Verrico/KPLC) (Source: Taylor Verrico/KPLC)

One game into the Chad Paulk coaching regime, and it looks as though the Sam Houston Broncos are back.

“I think it goes back to the way we prepare every day of every week. The way we’ve prepared all summer long for this opportunity," said Paulk. "We tell our kids this is a process every single day and just like Saturday, it was another day in the process of making our team better.”

After struggling in the team's first few drives, the Broncos found themselves down 10 points to St. Louis. That's when Paulk made the switch at quarterback. Wide receiver Dustin Jackson took over at the position he started every game at a year ago.

Jackson led the comeback over the Saints by outscoring SLC, 55-28 down the stretch. 

“I’m just so glad I’m back. It’s the position I’m comfortable at and its where I can make some plays," admitted Jackson. "It’s just my comfort zone.”

“I think the toughest switch for him was actually moving to receiver. He played only two full days at receiver because we had just gotten Kyle back. And when the game started, he had already taken a majority of the snaps in the first place.”

Jackson recorded passing, rushing and receiving touches as he totaled over 250 yards and four touchdowns. 

"I think that he gives us the best opportunity at this point as far as what he can do on the ground and in the air. He’s a veteran," said Paulk. "He’s done it before and he’s very comfortable in that position.”

Paulk said Jackson has earned the right to be the starter moving forward.

“Dustin feels more comfortable at the quarterback position and he made that clear to me during the game after the first couple drives. Once he got in there and the game started moving along, he came and talked to me he said coach that’s where I feel comfortable. And there wasn’t going to be a switch made after that."

“It just makes me feel happy that I can go back to something I like to do," Jackson said, "it's something I’ve been doing and just want to help the team win.”

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