Several streets in Iowa experiencing flooding

Several streets in Iowa experiencing flooding

IOWA, LA (KPLC) - Several streets in Iowa are experiencing flooding in the area, according to Iowa Police Department.

Police Chief Keith Vincent said throughout the day during the break in the rain, some of these areas and streets have subsided and some have not. However, with the predicted rainfall, these areas and streets are subject to become more flooded:

  • Fairview Street
  • The Dogwood Subdivision Area
  • E. Second Street
  • N. Storer
  • North Park
  • Ash Ridge Subdivision
  • Bowers Street
  • W. First Street
  • Sherman
  • Other areas are subject to flooding as well.

Vincent said the police department has increased manpower and patrol to assist the citizens of Iowa and monitor the situation and have been working together with Iowa Public Works Dept., Iowa Fire Dept. and other agencies. He encourages citizens to stay in during high flooding and be respectful of others property should they have to go out.

Vincent asks residents needing any assistance to call the Iowa Police Department at 337-582-3636.

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