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FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Flooding tropical rains over the next several days

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Flooding tropical rains over the next several days

Rainfall Forecast Rainfall Forecast
Impacts to SWLA Impacts to SWLA
Saturday evening look at Tropical Storm Harvey Saturday evening look at Tropical Storm Harvey

With Harvey being downgraded to a tropical storm over Central Texas, the tightly wound rain bands will start to spread out from the center with the outer rain bands already giving parts of Southwest Louisiana a taste of how quickly they can move in and result in flash flooding and even quick spin-up tornadoes.

A Tornado Watch remains in effect into the overnight hours for Cameron and Calcasieu parishes with the outer rain bands of Harvey moving through the area this evening. These tornadoes are quick to spin-up and short lived, often occurring with little to no warning due to limitations of radar being able to detect the very small-scale rotation. One tornado around noon caused damage in Hackberry when a camper was blown over, but thankfully there were no injuries since the residents had heeded the evacuation orders. This tornado threat won’t be going away over the couple of days, but as Harvey continues to weaken, the threat will lessen as the wind speed of the tropical storm decreases.

Computer guidance paints another very wet day ahead for Sunday with additional rain bands and heavy downpours moving back in to Southwest Louisiana by tomorrow morning and continuing through most of the day with another repeat on Monday.

Our forecast calls for as much as 7 to 15 inches of rain for parts of Southwest Louisiana with the southwestern viewing area seeing the highest totals with lower amounts the farther north and east.

The other threats to our area will come from river flooding, with rivers expected to rise over the coming days, with exact levels dependent on how much rain falls and where the heaviest rain bands set up, so look for changing forecasts with regards to expected crests and times over the week ahead. If you live by a river in an area that tends to flood, I would expect problems over the week ahead, so plan ahead now for rising water.

Harvey’s effects will be felt over Southwest Louisiana through most of the coming week ahead with heavy rain Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as the storm stalls over Central Texas and slowly moves back toward the Houston area by the middle of next week.

It will be important to stay tuned to the forecast and be mindful when driving through the area, avoiding any flooded roads as most flood related deaths occur with people in automobiles on the road.

Models stall the storm over Texas for the next several days, which means our weather will continue to be wet through the week, with finally a departure of Harvey’s remnants possible by the upcoming weekend.

Stay tuned to KPLC and Fox 29 for the latest updates over the next several days.

First Alert Meteorologist Ben Terry

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