Consider This: Thoughts on Racism

Consider This: Thoughts on Racism

(KPLC) - I do hate that race keeps coming up, so often, in so many ways. How we approach it from a station standpoint is always a discussion, we hope we get it right more than we miss it. Everyone gets an opinion, and mine is no more valuable than yours, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.

I grew up in a time of school desegregation in my hometown. In discussing those times and everything happening back then, a lady I work with, whom I respect very much, asked me "what were you all so afraid of?" Wow. I think she really hit the nail on the head. We were afraid, of the unknown, of what might happen - who knows what all. I think a lot of fear still exists today. And is it racist if I say that my friend is African-American? Doesn't really matter to the story, but it's a detail most of us would mention, isn't it?

I do have some hopes for race in America, or maybe more accurately, for skin color. I hope skin color will become like hair color.  It's okay to notice that someone's hair color is different from yours, even to describe them based on it. Because we don't generally assign a value to hair color. We don't think "The Redheads are all super-smart and should get the good jobs, the Brunettes are all thieves, and move out of your neighborhood if a Blonde moves in."  And most of us don't dislike someone simply because their hair color is different than ours. If we dislike someone, it's because of their actions and words to us. If skin color was like that, my friend who asked me what we were afraid of wouldn't be a black lady and I wouldn't be a white guy. She'd be a medium-height, chocolate brown-skinned lady and I'd be a tall, overweight, pink-skinned guy.

And finally, I think, or at least I hope, that most of us aren't out there on the fringe with all that hate that we see on social media. I hope that most of us just want to live our lives - happy, loving our families, with opportunity and dreams of the future. And maybe a lot of the others that we see on social media with such negativity aren't really evil, maybe they are just a little afraid.

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