Music collector remembers the day Elvis died 40 years ago

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - It may not be the largest collection of Elvis recordings in the world, but it's certainly one Gary Doucet is proud of.

"It basically started the day I found out he passed away," said Doucet. "I was supervisor with the phone company and one of my men came up to me and said, did you hear Elvis died? I thought he was kidding. I mean nobody ever thought Elvis would know? We turned on the radio and that was all that was on, was that he died."

Gary's passion for collecting vintage vinyl takes him to estate sales and other events.

"This one was a flea market find. Digging around in a box of old records. This was one on the very bottom. It was an Elvis Presley 78. The song, "Don't." This one's in extremely fine condition. Plays well, no scratches. Made a great collector's item."

"It's fascinating. It's more of the thrill of the hunt. But you find a lot of interesting pieces in a lot of unusual places."

His collection includes this prized 45 from Elvis' original label.

"Very rare. One of five. Any one of the Sun records original records, is very very collectible. And very hard to find."

Elvis fans who were alive in the 70s certainly remember his performances at the Lake Charles Civic Center on May 4, 1975. Gary was at that concert.

"He did two concerts that day. My sister and I went. She's sitting right next to me and she's squealing like most of the girls in the place. He's a great performer."

And through his collection of Elvis vinyl, Gary likes to keep that memory alive.

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