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Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight

Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight

Perseid Meteor Shower Perseid Meteor Shower
Best time to view Best time to view

A treat in the sky awaits tonight as the best meteor shower show of the year returns. The Perseid meteor shower rarely disappoints as long as the weather cooperates which may be a factor for some spots if clouds linger into the overnight.

The moon will also be bright which could limit viewing tonight as the shower show peaks overnight with the best time to view is right before midnight through the pre-dawn hours of Saturday where as many as 50 to 80 meteors per hour.

The meteor shower gets the name Perseids because it appears to radiate outward from the constellation Perseus.  To locate Perseus, look in the northern sky for an inverted "Y" shape.  The shooting stars will appear to originate from there.

The meteors we'll see this weekend are the result of Earth's passage through debris left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet.

For the best viewing, head away from city lights and look toward the northeast during the dark hours just before sunrise.  You'll likely see three times as many meteors in rural areas.

This weekend will mark the peak of the Perseids shower, but a few meteors can be seen as late as August 22.

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