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Cold War veteran served at White Sands during missile testing

Donald Faulk Donald Faulk

Donald Faulk was drafted during the days of the Cold War in the late 1950s. He found himself in White Sands, New Mexico testing missiles.
"We were assigned to review the repair equipment that repaired the missiles to make sure that they accepted the radar signals," said Faulk. "They fired missiles on a continuous basis. In fact, they had Von Braun, the engineer from Germany, they came down and were shooting V2 missiles there at the White Sands range."
Now 82 years old, Faulk suffers from diabetes, congestive heart failure and he's had both legs amputated. He finds himself along with other veterans from that era in a so-called "donut," where he isn't entitled to medical benefits of veterans in other conflicts. 

"I don't think there should be a blockage of a certain group that don't get that. Whether it was peace time or war time. I didn't have a choice. They drafted me. I had to go."
His friend Wilton Augustine is a WWII veteran and agrees.
"I happen to be a veteran of World War II," said Augustine. "I'm okay. But when you see a situation like this, it just needs to be set up without having to go all through the bureaucracy that we are going through."

Faulk depends on limited funds to pay his medical bills out of pocket. He hopes that will change soon. Faulk has contacted members of Congress to get a change in veterans' health coverage.

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