Bring Braylon back home through adoption

Bring Braylon back home through adoption

(KPLC) - Far from home and without a permanent family: a 10-year-old boy in foster care had to be moved hours away from the Lake Charles area because of a shortage of foster homes.

Braylon is hoping adoption can give him the stability he desires.

With a big smile and energy for days, The Children's Museum of Acadiana in Lafayette was the perfect spot to meet up with this science-loving fourth grader.

When we were able to sneak away from the activities for a minute, Braylon cut straight to the point about why we were doing this interview. 

"Adoption," he said.

Adoption: that's what Braylon wants after many, many months in foster care and different homes.

"Sometimes a long time and sometimes a little while," he said.

Braylon represents the hardest to place demographic: African-American, male, and over the age of five.

It is such a challenge to even find temporary homes, that Braylon's adoption specialist with the Department of Children and Family Services, Ashlee Walker, says he had to be moved 150 miles away.

"The most common reasons children are placed out of the parish is due to the lack of foster homes we have for the children," said Walker.  "The agency is constantly looking for homes for older children, children with special needs."

Walker says Braylon is a wonderful child, who stands out on the football field, and as a tender-hearted child at home.

"Braylon is a very sweet, passionate child," she said.  "When you meet him, he welcomes you with open arms.  He loves hugs. He could give hugs all day."

Braylon is freed for adoption and Walker says a two parent home with a great father figure would help him thrive the most.  It is something this superhero fan wants to see happen for himself, and something that would be his super power if given that option.    

"I would save people and teleport to a place in trouble," he said.

"What would you do there once you teleport?" I asked.

"Save them," he said.

Before a child can be moved to an adoptive placement, you must be a certified home.  

To get that process started or make an inquiry about Braylon, call the Lake Charles region Department of Children and Family Services at 337-491-2470.  Click here to learn more about adoption through foster care.

If you are a current foster or adoptive parent, considering becoming one, or maybe you just want to help somehow, but don't know where to start: "The One" is the event for you!

It is happening Wednesday, August 2 from 6:00-7:45 P.M. at World Redemption Center in Moss Bluff.  That is across from Tractor Supply on Highway 171.
There will be a panel of foster and adoptive parents to share their stories, as well as representatives from the Department of Children and Family Services, CASA, and international/private adoption consultants.

The event is free and childcare is available.

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