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Father and disabled son finish their 1,700-mile run Saturday

(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC) (Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

Shaun Evans and his 11-year-old son Shamus Evans, who has cerebral palsy, have been running down the Mississippi River for the last month. Evan's son Simon and wife Nichole have been following the two along the way. 

The family finally finished their journey Saturday night at the Ainsley's Angels Sunset 5K. 

Shaun and Shamus Evans have finally made it to Lake Charles.

29 days and 1,700 miles later, they, along with Shaun’s 9-year-old son Simon and wife Nichole, are ready to run the race they’ve traveled here for...the Ainsley’s Angels Sunset 5K.

And as the race began over 400 runners and 60 riders hit the road.

All running with pure excitement.

But race director and Ainsley's Angels co-founder Kristine Seaward knows just what this race means to everyone participating.

“This is so much bigger than us," said Seaward. "It’s so much bigger than ourselves, and you will pull every single ounce of energy that you need from that athlete rider.”

It’s just the right amount of energy needed to give these riders the opportunity to enjoy the one thing they can’t physically do.

But along the way comes Shamus.

And with the sun finally setting, Shaun and Simon make their way to the finish line.

But the race isn’t over for the two.

They go get Shamus and the trio head back to finish this race with mom Nichole.

“I got to mile two and there they were, ready to finish out the last mile with me,” said Nichole. 

“This is all about being a family, being together and doing it all together, and Nichole is really the most important part of this mission, and we weren’t going to finish it without her,” said Shaun.

And they finally complete their journey by crossing that finish line together, as a family. 

"What a finish to our journey into Lake Charles, to have everybody there waiting for us cheering us into the finish line," said Shaun. "Goosebumps all over.” 

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