Hometown Heroes - Kappa Sigma fraternity at McNeese

Hometown Heroes - Kappa Sigma fraternity at McNeese

A Greek organization at McNeese State University is being recognized locally and nationally for its community service work.

Members of the Theta Rho chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity are already planning next year's events here at McNeese State University. That's after having one of their busiest years in recent history.

"We have four pillars: leadership, fellowship, service and scholarship," said Austin Pottorff, Kappa Sigma president. "Those are what we live our life on. A big one that we like here is service. That's what we like to do our events for."

This year, Theta Rho raised $10,000, the sixth most amount of money for Kappa Sig's national philanthropy, Kappa Sigma Military Heroes campaign.

"Anything that we can help out with campus, I really like doing that," said Gunnar Goodwin. "Anything we can do to raise money, I like doing that. We had the flag football tournament for the Military Heroes campaign. It's fun - we make teams and raise money for a good cause."

"That's definitely our biggest thing," said Levi Friend, Kappa Sig member. "That's where most of our support comes from, the community. So giving back is our highest priority. That's where most of our help comes from. We like to give back."

The Theta Rho Chapter of Kappa Sig has close to 50 members, with an alumni base of about 1,000.

"You don't get the whole college experience unless you join something else," said Pottorff. "Joining Kappa Sigma is something bigger than anything I could do on my own. With all the resources and alumni that we have here, we're able to really strive more for the community and something that's really special to me."

Celebrating its 50th year on campus, Theta Rho was honored as the Fraternity of the Year at McNeese this past year. At a recent convention in Las Vegas, Kappa Sig's McNeese Chapter won two of the national fraternity's highest awards: the Founder's Circle and FACE Awards.

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