Lost dog finally reunited with owner

Lost dog finally reunited with owner

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you drive down Nelson Road you'll see a billboard and signs scattered around the intersection, but Debbie Thompson is finally taking them all down.

What was on the signs? A $1,000 reward looking for Thompson's beloved 6-year-old Maltese Yorkie name Sookie.

"I passed flyers out to all the neighborhoods," said Thompson. "I went on Facebook, I went to the newspaper, I went to the pound. I had people everywhere looking for her."

Thompson had just landed in Florida for a family vacation almost two weeks ago when she got the devastating call that Sookie had escaped.

"I got a plane ticket and flew back home, and I have spent the last ten days doing everything I could to find her," said Thompson.

During those ten days while Thompson was out searching, Sookie eventually made her way to the south side of Lake Charles and was stopped by music.

"He's playing his guitar and I'm like what are you doing," said Kerry Ribbeck. "What are you outside playing your guitar in the rain for."

Ribbeck found her husband playing music to their dogs Sunday afternoon, and that's when Sookie showed up.

"I turned back around (and) the little dog is now standing like right there on my loja out in the rain," said Ribbeck.

She cleaned up Sookie and remembered getting a text from her groomers about a missing dog, so she put two and two together and gave Thompson a call.

"I said have you found your dog, and she's like no I haven't and I said I think I have your Sookie," said Ribbeck.

45 minutes later Thompson was finally reunited with Sookie.

"To have such a happy ending," said Ribbeck. "It's beautiful."

But both women believed this encounter was God sent because the music played an interesting role in everything.

She looks at us and she says my family plays musical instruments,and I went that's why she went to my husband he was playing the guitar," said Ribbeck.

Overall including her missed vacation and a flight back home, Thompson spent close to $4,000 on her dog.

"What length wouldn't you go to," she said. "You know I don't think there's a dollar value to put on something you love this much."

But having Sookie back in her arms makes it worth every penny.

Ribbeck says she didn't take the reward because it was all about reuniting Sookie with Thompson.

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