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Welsh police chief will get another shot at raise


A few weeks ago, the Welsh town council voted on the $15,000 dollar raise for Police Chief Marcus Crochet, but deadlocked, meaning no pay increase.

The council will hold a public meeting August 1 to again discuss raising the police chief's salary from $40,000 a year to $55,000 a year. 

However, unless one of the Welsh aldermen changes their original vote, Chief Crochet won't get more money, because a tie is basically a "no" vote.

Alderman Colby Perry voted no last time.

"I think it's very important that we hear from the public, and there's much more assessment of the overall finances in regard to FICA and retirement that we didn't analyze last time," said Perry.

Because a large crowd is expected at the meeting August 1, it will be held at the Welsh Community Center instead of the city hall.

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