CONSIDER THIS: We made the list

CONSIDER THIS: We made the list

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Well, we made the list! Have you seen the story where Louisiana was ranked as the second-worst state in which to live?

I have to ask, was this based on people who don't like to fish, or eat fantastic food, or spend time with friends and family? Or do they just not like living in a state with friendly people?

It turns out the state got "dinged" for crime and for the health of our citizens. New Orleans, I hate to throw you under the bus, but without your crime I think we'd look pretty good.

Could we be a little healthier, maybe make some better choices to contribute to that? Sure. And we should.

We should also be concerned about crime, so we should support the rule of law and the role of law enforcement.

We most certainly should be concerned with making our communities the best they can be. But I'm also interested in enjoying this wild ride called life.

Louisiana is my home, and it's nowhere near the second-worst state in which to live. And this winter, I can shovel all the sunshine I want.

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