Study ranks Louisiana second-worst state to live

Louisiana 2nd worst state to live

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Just a year after Louisiana was ranked as the seventh-worst state for business, CNBC ranked the "Worst States to Live in 2017."

Louisiana ranks second worst.

"That doesn't surprise me," said resident Alex Allemond. "I meet a lot of people at my job and they don't like Louisiana."

The study's quality of life score is 87 out of 300 points. That's a score Louisiana resident Jeff Staples disagrees with.

"I think the quality of life is great," he said. "There's great people, great food, certainly a lot of activities to do, so I think it's a great quality of life here."

Alexis Romero agrees.

"Getting to the core of a deep human need would mean this would be one of the better places to live," said Romero.

Harold Warren hasn't lived in Louisiana for more than nine months, but feels this is home.

"I live in a Houston suburb. I fell in love with Louisiana. After about six weeks, I started talking with a little bit of a Cajun twang, you know what I mean?"

The CNBC poll listed health and crime as one of the state's weak points so I asked if there was anything Louisianans didn't like.

"The heat," said Allemond.

"You could easily focus on the negative, but there's so many positive things to do," said Staples.

"Health-wise, Louisiana might not be the best state to live in," said Romero. "That would probably be my only critique."

But no matter where Louisiana is ranked, even outsiders like Warren still choose Louisiana.

"Come to Louisiana and enjoy the good living here," said Warren.

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