Hometown Hero - Edward Wilcox

Hometown Hero - Edward Wilcox

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - A DeQuincy businessman has the distinction of being one of the first National Guard members to represent his town.

It had been five years since World War II and Ed Wilcox found himself serving his country in the National Guard. Wilcox was too young to serve in the war, but felt the guard could keep him trained.

"We went to training, Fort Polk and everywhere else," said Wilcox. "Learned to shoot. Learned how to walk...how to march."

Wilcox became quite the sharpsman, ranking high in many National Guard shooting competitions. The Guard back then was used as it is now, for crowd control.

"Mostly to break up crowds. Stuff like that. Disperse them. Anytime there was a riot we were always there to break it up."

In 1959, Wilcox and his wife opened an A & W restaurant in DeQuincy, offering many favorites like Italian ice and cold drinks.

"We had nickel root beer, nickel and dime root beer...hamburgers were very cheap. Milkshake was twenty cents, a malt, twenty five. A big order of French fries was twenty cents."

Wilcox closed his restaurant in 1996, but he still operates a laundromat at the age of 88.

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