Black Bear sighting in Calcasieu Parish?

Black Bear sighting in Calcasieu Parish?

GILLIS, LA (KPLC) - A picture shot earlier this spring at a deer lease in the Gillis area could be a rare sighting of two Louisiana Black Bears. The photo got the attention of Justin Lanclos, who manages the Louisiana Bowhunters website.

"There was one gentleman who said they had seen one with a collar and that Wildlife and Fisheries had a tracking device on it, and had seen it travel from Gillis to Sabine Island which is west of Vinton and back," said Lanclos. "Apparently they are back in this area now."

The number of Louisiana black bears has increased over the years. It's no longer considered endangered. It's now on the threatened list.

Taxidermist Steve German shot these black bears in Canada. He remembers when Louisiana had a black bear season.

"When I was a young kid, they had a one day bear season," said German. "I would say it's been 50 years it's been gone. But I'm hearing talk they are going to have a black bear season by lottery draw."

"I personally would love to see a bear hunt option eventually in Louisiana," said Lanclos. "I still don't think we're anywhere near that point. They were just removed from the endangered species list last year, to threatened."

"It's my favorite thing to hunt with a bow," said German. "Bears. I would love to be drawn (in a lottery) if there's a bear season. There is talk of opening a bear season. I'd love to kill a Louisiana black bear. It would be the ultimate for me."

For a bear season to be re-instated, The Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and fisheries will have to determine the bear population is sustainable.. and that isn't expected to take place in the near future.

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