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CPSB launches new Student Registration Center

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The anxiety of a new school year for parents is now easier to deal with. For the first time, parents living in Lake Charles will have the opportunity to get a head start on the student registration process. A variety of resources filled the Lake Charles Boston Academy gymnasium, where the School Board has opened its new Student Registration Center.

The pilot program is designed to help parents check off the boxes to avoid those long registration lines we've seen in the past.

"Definitely a whole lot easier," said Tawnie Miller, a parent new to Lake Charles from Alabama. "I got to come in, got my babysitter, came in real quick and got to do it so it was real easy."

Parents were able to get their child's bus number and pickup location.

"All the people are very friendly and helpful, said Becky Girola, another parent. "We just clicked a few buttons and we're done."

And for those who don't speak any English:

"If they bring the child with them, we'll be able to test the student to find out exactly which program would be best for them," said Monique Roberts, ESL World Language Consultant. "We'll be able to fill out all the paperwork needed to have that student start the first day of school in the proper program."

"They won't have to worry about what bus they ride, they won't have to wait to speak to the Special Ed department, they won't have to wait to speak to the World Language Department if they don't speak English," said Paula Michalko, Director of Management Information Systems.

Now families can focus on other things for the upcoming school year.

If you'd like to utilize the Calcasieu Parish Registration Center, click here.

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