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Sports Person of the Week - Lauryn McMahon

Softball has always played a major role in Lauryn McMahon's life, as it should have, being that it's a family affair.

“My mom was really big in high school. They kind of threw me into it. I like to be out on the field and get dirty and stuff like that. I think that the grit in the game actually got to me,” McMahon said.

The Rosepine catcher was a driving force behind the Lady Eagles' repeat trip to Sulphur this season. Deservingly so, she was named a second team all-American by Flo softball for the third straight year. Her transition to the back stop was trial by fire.

"Eighth grade I started third base.  The dilemma came up and we were about to lose a catcher. I really never started catching until that time. When she left I came in as a freshman and then I started since freshman year. That was something you really had to work at to fill that spot."

McMahon filled that spot so well that now she is considered one of the 2% of high school athletes that get to take their career to the next level. The Lamar signee says just because she's a freshman, doesn't mean she won't be a leader.

"Coming here they expect everyone to be a leader in their own way, to pump everyone else up,” said McMahon. To motivate everybody, just to never stay down." 
McMahons plan is to work hard, stay focused and commit to her team.

"That was one of the biggest lessons I had to learn. You have to learn that it's not all about you and that you have to make sacrifices for something that's bigger than yourself. That's why I'm still here. A lot of people after high school give up, but this was something I just fell in love with from the get-go."  

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