Louisiana Traveler - Collectible tins

Louisiana Traveler - Collectible tins

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was in 2000 when we first met Louise Bordelon.  She proudly showed me her collection of ornamental tin cans, which at that time, numbered about 400. She started gathering them as a hobby.

"I really don't know. Just seeing a pretty can caught my attention," said Louise. "I could display it somewhere in this big house when all the kids were gone."

Her son Donald was called in to help.

"You at first when she started collecting, it was just a few at a time," said Donald. "Then as she started collecting more and more, I had to build shelves for them. Build shelves to put in different rooms where she could put more and more cans. We started wondering, what is this lady doing. She enjoyed doing it. Gave her a hobby."

"If they knew and they came by, and had a can or two to bring, they dropped them off here," said Louise. "They wouldn't leave a name, but they would call back and said hey I was the culprit that brought that can."

At one point, Louise's tin collection hit over 2,000.  Now that she's moved into an assisted living facility, she's looking to give them a new home.

"It's an odd feeling, but there's nothing more I can do. I have to say goodbye to them."

She's held onto a few of them though. To make her feel more at home...in her new place.

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