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John Ieyoub elected president of Lake Charles City Council


A familiar face returns to oversee the Lake Charles City council.  John Ieyoub, a member of the city council for the past eight years, was elected president.

But for Ieyoub, working with the city council is only a fraction of what he does day to day. 

"I think a lot of people don't realize that most of the council persons have regular day jobs." said Ieyoub. 

Ieyoub is the General Manager and owner of Prime Occupational Medicine, which is located in Lake Charles and Sulphur.

He said typically he works 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., but he also deals with phone calls from constituents who live in his district throughout the day as well the weekly city council meetings. 

"You try to balance both and make sure you give your best for both jobs." said Ieyoub. 

Ieyoub said he and Mayor Nic Hunter have a great working relationship.  

"We know each other, we work well together and it was exciting when he won because I knew that relationship would continue to help the citizens of Lake Charles." said Ieyoub

Ieyoub said he and Mayor Hunter will work together to tackle what he feels the city's number one problem. 

"Infrastructure is the number one key issue that we need to focus on," said Ieyoub. "Making sure the sewage and the water and the drainage, that they all rise up to the level of our expansion. Because I think we've fallen a bit behind and you see that a lot when heavy rains become an issue and flooding. But Nic has tackled those issues and now it's our job to find the funds to fund those projects to make sure the citizens have good sewage, drainage, infrastructure, great streets and continue to be proactive as more people move into our city."

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