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Calcasieu Ship Channel helping to create marsh for Cameron Parish

(Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC) (Source: Maranda Whittington/KPLC)

The Calcasieu Ship Channel is not just an essential tool for the Port of Lake Charles, but soon it will be a key feature in coastal protection. That's because what comes out of the channel will be used to protect parts of Cameron Parish. 

“Anytime we protect anything in Cameron, we’re protecting Calcasieu,” said Laurie Cormier, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury coastal zone manager. 

So how is that being done? With a new coastal project that will create a little over 900 acres of marsh on the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge.

Cormier says the Calcasieu River Ship Channel plays a part.

“The Corps of Engineers has to dredge the ship channel every so often," she said. "They have a dredge cycle every year. They do certain parts of the ship channel, and so this is closest to the section that’s going to be done.”

All of the dredged material from the channel will go towards the Sabine marsh project.

Even though this project is in Cameron Parish, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury members were able to adopt a resolution at Thursday’s meeting to support the engineering and design of this project.

“For Calcasieu Parish, for every acre of marsh we create we lower the storm surge,” said Cormier. 

$18 million from the Breaux Act will go to help fund this project, but if construction for the project gets approved, Cameron and Calcasieu Parish can see some sort of protection from storms and hurricanes later on in the future.

Cormier says if everything can get approved, and the money is all there, this marsh project could be completed in at least two years. 

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