Consider This: Congress on Vacation

Consider This: Congress on Vacation

In just a couple of weeks, Congress goes on vacation for August.

Sometimes I really like it when Congress is out of session – if they aren't voting on anything they can't be making anything worse!

But this year they've got a lot to get done, maybe they should consider doing like my job, and probably yours, where sometimes you just have to stay over and get the work done.

When they come back in September, among other things, they'll have just three weeks to deal with the debt ceiling. We'll either have to make some reforms to get us on a more sustainable spending path, raise federal tax income, or commit to going even further into debt. And no matter which side of that argument you happen to be in favor of, we all know it's not going to be easy and it's going to take some time.

The important work of this country has never been easy, like the drafting of our Declaration of Independence that we celebrated this week. But the people charged with that work took it seriously and worked tirelessly to get it done.

We have a lot more "clocks to get to chime together" than those original 13 colonies, so I ask Congress to consider this: Stay until the work gets done. Or if not, at least use those five weeks off to solidify with your constituents what must be done, and what compromises you are prepared to make.

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