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Confederate statue topic at Beauregard Ways & Means Committee meeting

Cheers and jeers greeted the removal of the P.G.T. Beauregard statue in New Orleans back in May. Its future and that of other removed Confederate monuments is still uncertain.

The possibility of bringing the Beauregard statue to Beauregard Parish was discussed at a Beauregard Parish Police Jury Ways and Means Committee meeting on Monday.

Citizen Charlie Bordelon says it's that the parish derives its name from P.G.T. Beauregard that makes him interested in getting the statue for the parish.

"It's a man's name, Beauregard, okay? He's the person this parish is named after, okay?" Bordelon told the committee. " It has nothing to do with him being a great Civil War general or his political stance or anything like that. It's simply his name is Beauregard." 

Bordelon is convinced more people favor it than not, based on media polls.

"I want to do what's right for this parish and I want to support the people of this parish," he said. "And the people of this parish have spoken in polls, okay? Not in official vote, but in polls."

But he told members of the committee he is there to help accomplish the will of the people.

"I've had people come ask me, I have not asked for a single cent," said Bordelon. "I've had people approach me mainly throughout the parish, but also throughout the state in support of moving this here."  

Bordelon suggests he and Rev. Michael Harris, who opposes the statue, are friends despite their disagreement.

Harris who recently led a protest quoted New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu: "Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and P.G. Beauregard statues were not erected just to honor these men but as part of the movement which became known as the cult of the last cause. This cult had one goal, through monuments and other means, to rewrite history to hide the truth, which is that the Confederacy was on the wrong side of humanity."   

The Ways and Means Committee took no action.

The chairman says if and when the statue is available, it's possible there could be a public vote on the issue in Beauregard Parish.

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