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Dog killed in hit-and-run; owner raises awareness of reckless driving

Trixie Trixie

It's a nightmare that became a reality...right in front of Carlene Fontenot's eyes.

“I heard the loud thump, and I knew something bad had happened,” said Fontenot.

She went outside to bring in her trash can. Her 11-year-old Yorkie, Trixie, followed.

Another dog was out, and Trixie ran after it.

“There were no vehicles around and then all of the sudden, a truck passed and ran over her, and she was gone instantly,” said Fontenot.

She says the black pickup truck was speeding down the road...and only sped up when she tried to stop them.

“I tried chasing the truck, then I realized, I better save my baby, but I could tell she was gone, so I wasn't able to get a license plate number or anything,” said Fontenot.

She says her only wish was that the driver stopped and apologized.

“It would have made it so much easier,” said Fontenot. “She was my life. She followed me around. Any time I sat down, if she wasn't on my lap, she was at my feet. She slept with me at night. She was like my own child.”

Fontenot says Linda Drive in Westlake used to be a quiet little street.

“Lately, a lot of people cut through the street and go very, very fast,” said Fontenot.

Her next-door neighbor, Billy Chastain, also agrees it's becoming a huge problem.

“It's all the plant traffic coming and going,” said Chastain. “A lot of people speeding up and down the road. I have kids that ride bikes up and down the street. I would like people to pay attention.”

That's why Fontenot took to Facebook to post her frustration, with a graphic image that has since been taken down.

“Just for the awareness, to let people know there are people out there not paying attention to what they’re doing,” said Fontenot.

Fontenot says she is hoping her story will show motorists the impacts of speeding and not paying attention to their surroundings.

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